You can contact us through our dispatch centre at 2741082100  or through our application Entaxi at Playstore (20) minutes before your appointment and one of our drivers will meet you at the place of your request.

Pets are allowed as long as they are transported in their cage. For your and your pets transportation contact us at 2741082100 and one of our company vehicles will take you to your destination.

We accept all payment methods. Payment for  transport can be done by cash, by bank transfer or by e-pos.

The maximum number of people that can be transported by our   company vehicles are four (4).Call us at 27410 82100 and one of our company’s vehicles will take you to your destination.

The company Εn Taxi gives you the opportunity to transport parcels or documents to and from any destination. The  number of parcels or documents  is unlimited and does not affect the cost of the service. Transport costs vary only by the destination or destinations. Contact us at  27410 82100 in order to assist  you with the transportation of  unaccompanied items at economical prices.


Keeping in mind safe transportation all En taxi vehicles are equipped with a childrens car seat. If you want your child to be transported in a car seat  it would be best to inform us of your request by phone at  27410 82100  so that one of our company vehicles can  pick you up from your location.

Our driver will wait for you at your arrival point. All flights / arrivals are monitored, for  this reason state the airplane / ship’s arrival information. It is very important that this information is accurate. Our driver will be waiting with your name clearly written on a sign. If for some reason you cannot  find our driver or the driver does not identify you (delay at customs, wrong arrival exit etc.)  we will attempt to contact the phone which has been stated on the reservation. You will recognise our company car from our company logo “Entaxi” which is on the car door.

If  your flight has been delayed , you can contact us at our dispatch center 27410 82100 in order to inform the driver of the vehicle and he will be  waiting  for you upon your arrival with no extra charge.

The driver who  has been selected to take you wherever you want will be waiting at a central spot at arrivals. You can distinguish our company car from the En taxi logo on the door of the car.

The company En Taxi in cooperation and collaboration with its clients organizes day trips to any place of your choice. The maximum number of people that can be transported by our company vehicles are four (4). Call us at 27410 82100 in order  to visit   tourist attractions and places of your choice with our vehicles.

Contact us either at our dispatch centre at 27410 82100 or through our contact form which you can locate on the contact information of our company.

Yes , we provide excursions . Please contact us at 27410 82100 so that we can transport   you to the place that interests you and make possible suggestions at very good prices.

Flag Fall (Initial Charge): 1,29 €

Price per Klm  within  Perimeter Zone Invoices. No1: 0.74 €

Price per Klm   outside Perimeter  Zone Invoices. No2: 1.29 €

Double Charge: 1,29 € / km. The dual charge applies from 24:00 until 05:00 in the morning. The taximeter on tariff 2.

Extra charge for each bag exceeding 10 kg: 0,43 €

Fee for collecting from port, railway station and bus station: 1.17 €

Fee to and from  Eleftherios Venizelos airport: 4.18 €

The Christmas  and Easter period  there is no extra charge.

Radio Taxi – Regular call: 2,10 €

Radio Taxi-  Appointment: 0,00- 6,15 €

Compensation for waiting time per hour,of a vehicle on the move: 11,81 €

Minimum compensation per region: 3.69 €